This Week in the Garden

Lot’s of things are growing, and there’s lots to do!

Iris are blooming! My very favorite flower… these siberian iris are so easy to grow, if you live nearby let me know if you’d like some when I divide them in the fall…

The chickens are looking for a treat, or for an escape out into the yard to range for awhile..

the lavendar is bouncing back after I pruned the beejebees out of it a few weeks ago.. it was unwieldy and needed it! It will be blooming again in no time..

Sweet peas are growing up the fence! We don’t eat too many peas, I’m hoping that growing them ourselves will help with that..

This pretty flower is taking off beautifully and I can’t remember what it is! Where did I put that tag?  Please leave a comment if you can id it for me!

Cucumber and pepper plants are ready to be planted, along with a border of marigolds to help keep pests away

Our baby chicks are growing so fast! We’re loving our new Light Brahmas (on the right) and the pretty Buff Orphington is always a nice addition to our flock

Everything’s growing and coming together, I love this time of the year!

All credit for the photos goes to my daughter Sophie who took all of them on her I-Pod!  There’s nothing quite like starting a blog on the day your camera goes into the shop! Thanks Soph!

Have a great day everyone! Get out there and enjoy everything!!



  1. Linda Hussey says:

    Michele, I would love some iris if there’s enough when you divide them in the fall!


    1. I’ll be sure to get some to you Linda!


  2. Gretchen says:

    What a great way for me to enjoy a garden WITHOUT getting my hands dirty!


    1. Thanks for stopping in Gretchen!


  3. Lisa Rishel says:

    Irises are my fav flower too. We are lucky that Doug’s dad likes them and ordered about 20 different varieties a few years back and was happy to give us some! We have them all over our yard! BTW..;.love reading your blog and seeing pics of your chickens and beautiful gardens!


    1. Thanks Room! I need to visit one of these day to see your iris! Love you!!


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