Zebra Finches, Guitars and a Chinese House–Just a Typical Afternoon in Salem


It’s hard to believe that this afternoon we threw on our shoes, drove five minutes and walked into this amazing building in downtown Salem.

Then paid nothing (because Salem residents are admitted for free), and waited in line for twenty minutes to view from here to ear, an exhibit featuring zebra finches playing electric guitars and cymbals…

No photos were allowed, but check out the video in the right margin here on the PEM website and you’ll get the idea. It was quite an experience.

While we waited to see the birds we looked out and enjoyed this view of Yin Yu Tang, a two hundred year old merchant’s house that was brought here piece by piece from China in 2003 and reassembled by the museum…







No photos are allowed of the inside of Yin Yu Tang either, but it’s full of original artifacts from the house as it was while it was used by the family that owned it. It was easy to imagine what it might have been like to live there.

After all of that amazing cultural opportunity, we ran right into this guy


Who elicited this reaction from my littlest girl…


There was even a quick view of a frozen garden through a window…


Maybe we don’t need spring in Salem after all?  We’re doing just fine.

Enjoy everything!




  1. Sometimes just getting in your car, driving to a different place, and seeing something different helps with the cabin fever and winter doldrums. Greetings from someone expecting even more snow today and not terribly happy about it (meaning my class will most likely be cancelled).


    1. It really does help to get out Michele, and I always feel fortunate to have the PEM to enjoy when we need it. We have more snow falling now too. Sorry if your class is canceled! It really will get better soon.


  2. This beautiful stop is one we planned on heading back to after our short time in Salem. We haven’t made it yet, but it’s still on our list. 🙂


    1. Hope you make it back soon Judy! Your grandkids are free if their under sixteen.


  3. Looks like a nice excursion! Your lucky to have such an unusual attraction close by.


  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    Nice outing!
    🙂 today it shall feel like Summer!


    1. and it did feel like summer! Yesterday too!


      1. nutsfortreasure says:

        🙂 then today opur reality still to early to JUMP FOR JOY 🙂


  5. Love that beautiful Yin Yu Tang house. Can still picture it inside! Nice post.


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