Day two–Sort of a mission statement

The thing that I keep reading about blogging is that you have to post often, if not every day. I think it’s a good time for me to talk a little bit about my vision for The Salem Garden as a blog/website.  I’m hoping that it will have a life and personality of it’s own. I’d like to be able to encourage people who want to garden but are hesitant to to get out there and enjoy themselves! I’m also hoping to share some of the great things about living in New England, especially here in Salem. Salem is an amazing city full of interesting sights and people! There’s always something fun going on and there’s lots of great gardens to tour. I’m sure that I’ll end up sharing a little bit of our family life too… it’s hard not to with a big, busy family like mine! If you’d like to, please follow me the top left of the page and leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Cindy says:

    When was this photo taken? Maybe you can give us a little map of the different sections of your garden. Love the photos!


    1. that was taken last summer Cindy, I’m guessing it was early in July. A map of the garden would be fun to do.. I’ll have to look around for a way to make one that’s readable.


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