Lettuce Plant Lettuce

LOL, I can’t stop myself sometimes…

Creating blog post titles truly amuses me.

But, the title is true, we really can start lettuce from seed now.

IMG_8530Last Saturday was cold and windy but I had lots of fun planting four varieties:

-Merveille de Quatre Saisons

-Winter Density

-New Red Fire

and Pinetree Mix

I chose each type for different, specific reasons.

I’m hoping for an early harvest from the Winter Density. It went in on the late side because the ground was still frozen but it’s an early variety that grows quickly.

The New Red Fire is said to be slow to bolt, and it’s so pretty.

Merveille de Quatre Saisons is described in the Pinetree catalog as  “truly marvelous. It was the only lettuce in our trials that remained good tasting during an exceptionally dry and hot summer years ago, and continues to impress us each year. ” I couldn’t resist that kind of high praise.

And I chose the Pinetree Mix with the hope of having a nice little bed of baby lettuces that we could pick easily and often.

We love fresh lettuce!


I also love taking pictures of lettuce markers early in the morning in my pajamas and Michael’s mud boots. 😉

Lettuce is easy…

–You can scratch up an existing bed then add compost and seeds at about 1/4 inch depth,

–or plant it in a pot

–or open up a bag of organic soil and just add seeds to it like this (click on the link to see!)

So lettuce plant lettuce! It’s finally time!

How’s your garden growing?

Love, Michele




  1. … but what if your family just won’t eat lettuce! Maybe some day. So happy for you Michele, that you are able to enjoy it! Lovely post about what is being planted now! Dana


    1. awww, that’s a tough one Dana. I have lots of lettuce eaters here. Maybe if you sow a few different types they’ll become interested.


  2. The snow just melted off of two of my three raised beds so no plants yet. 🙂 We always plant lettuce because the two adults and the one rabbit all love it.


    1. I’ll bet you can just about do it now Judy! Hope you had our nice weather yesterday and today.


  3. Blaire says:

    I love the link to the lettuce in the potting soil bags-doesn’t get much easier than that!


    1. Isn’t that cool Blaire? I’m thinking about doing a bag like that at Bass River.


  4. Christie says:

    Lettuce really is one of the best things to grow in the garden! We never buy it from the store because, inevitably, it goes bad before we can use it all. I love snipping off just what I need for that day and watching it grow and grow and grow. Plus, those shocks of bright green after a long, brown winter are so refreshing. I’ve usually let ours finally bolt, too, and the towering lettuce flowers are so fun.


    1. I know, It’s a win win win thing, isn’t it?


  5. Molly says:

    Gotta get out there and plant mine! I’ve had the seed packs out….thanks for a great reminder. I love new lettuce!


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