I Promised…

and there they are!



In part sun, part shade, and not even open yet. We’re still waiting for crocus and all of the other bulbs and most anything that’s green, but this is a start! The ducks made a brief appearance on the pond yesterday but their gone today. I’m sure their hiding because it’s too cold to swim through the skim of ice on top of the water.We’ll see them again in a few days. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow night into Wednesday, then warm up again at the end of the week.

This is spring in New England. We wait and wait and wait!

More chickens coming!

Love, Michele



  1. Southernruralroute.wordpress.com says:

    It’s supposed to be 35 here either tomorrow or Wednesday.


    1. Hope it’s warmer for you now. We’re finally warming up a little but the rain is coming. Next week is looking pretty good!


      1. Southernruralroute.wordpress.com says:

        The rain hit here last night. My veggie garden patch had just dried out enough that I could get someone to till it and now it’s mush again. I fear this is going to be a discouraging year for veggies.


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