Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- December 2013

It’s Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day, December 2013!

Ten days until Christmas!


I wish I could say that I have more, but this poinsettia is my only bloom.


It’s a beautiful color. I love a pink poinsettia.


It lives on the tippy top of our big organizing cabinet in the foyer, far from our cats’ reach.

Here’s the garden this morning. We had about five inches of snow overnight, which turned to rain and slush and is now in the process of re-freezing. Yay! Not really.

IMG_4476If only ice could be considered a bloom.

Click here to read all of the warmer climate posts on May Dreams Gardens and some creative northern climate posts as well.  It’s amazing what a difference a few degrees if warmth makes, along with a positive outlook.

Enjoying everything (even the ice)…




  1. indygardener says:

    Yes, just like my garden today. Snow covered. But fortunately there are many warm weather gardeners posting pictures of pretty blooms today!


    1. yes there are, I’d really love to branch out into the Christmas roses and other winter plants. I just cannot imagine those blooming here although I guess it is possible? Thanks for visiting and commenting!!


  2. The ice looks so pretty! Having grown up in Pennsylvania, I remember the cold and the snow. I’m happy to live in California. I don’t think I could withstand the cold or the snow. It really does look beautiful though. Especially this time of year. Happy Bloom Day to you!!


  3. Hannah says:

    Your pink poinsettia is pretty. I hope your snow will melt soon. We had unusually cold temperatures for fall but things have warmed up again. The icicles are beautiful. Hellebores do well here. the nursery had a lot, but I bought 11 new ones last year so I may not buy any more this year. It might be fun trying to breed them, the reseed well.


  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    We had a very successful Poinsettia Fundraiser with amazing plants from Wentworths in Rollingsford NH my home has two gorgeous ones I bought and thankfully the spider plant is enough for my cat to beat up on NO CHEWING just treats 🙂


  5. lulu says:

    At least you have a poinsettia, I have none this year. Love the icicles. When I am in Maine in the winter, I like looking out the window and seeing them hanging from the eaves.


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