Dogwood Before Dinner

I took these while I grilled tonight.


IMG_0889IMG_0900IMG_0899 IMG_0898

Gosh, life is good!



  1. It was a long winter for those of us in the Northeast, but we certainly are having a beautiful spring. Beautiful photos.


    1. Thank you Judy! I’m glad that your spring is beautiful… ours is too! I think the hard winter makes us appreciate it even more.


  2. I love flowering dogwoods. They are not common here. Just planted one last year and it looks like it has one flower bud this spring.


    1. Hi there! We planted this tree about ten years ago and this is the first year it really looks like a proper flowering dogwood. Every year there were a few more flowers. Hang in there and you’ll really enjoy it eventually!


  3. Carolyn says:

    Too cold in Winter and too hot in Summer for dogwoods here… but I did enjoy them in my Oregon gardens. A dogwood wreath graces my front entry in Spring.


    1. I didn’t realize how climate specific they are until I posted this and people commented about it. I have a feeling that other things that you grow more then make up for the missing dogwood tree 😉


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