On Turning Fifty and Fighting a Cold

Wow, nine days can go by like nothing. I was just starting to work on a post about constructing our chicken coop on Saturday when I started to feel kind of sniffly. Within two hours I was in the middle of a full fledged head cold. Then my oldest son walked into the house to surprise me for my 50th Birthday… then it was my 50th birthday, and my cold raged on. So here I am five days later… fifty years and two days old, with memories of a great birthday, the cold still running my life and no blog post published for nine days… it happens…

About this turning fifty thing: I have a very good feeling about it. I’m pretty sure that I have become just a little bit wiser in the past fifty years. I know things that are important like when to step forward and when to hang back. I know more about how to bring out the best in my kids and how to get along with my husband about 95% of the time, maybe more. I know a lot more about gardening than I used to. I’ve learned how to cook, how to work and how to see God’s face in people who are having difficulty, even when the difficulty is with me.

I remember watching my mother-in-law turn fifty. Her youngest child was at an age where she suddenly had more time for herself. She became an artist. She painted and sculpted and shared her work in art leagues, and with friends and family. She traveled more and read books and started to have grandchildren whom she adored. It was fun to watch her enjoy life and accomplish things that she’d always wanted to do. I have the feeling that I may be headed toward lots of good, new opportunities and experiences too.

So, I’m sorry I’ve been gone from The Salem Garden. I’ll be back really soon with my chickens, my garden and all of the good experience that my fifty years have given me.

Lots of love to you all,




  1. Can’t help but notice the happy looks on the younger one’s faces to be flanking their older brother! I turn 50 in a few months Michele. I love (and share!) your optimism.


  2. Happy 50th Birthday, Michele! I love being in my 50s, most of the time. Have you tried mullein leaf tea for that head cold? Clears the sinuses and boosts the immune system. Make a cup of tea and inhale the steam coming from the cup before sipping. We swear by that stuff around here. I buy Alvita brand.


    1. I haven’t used mullien leaf recently but I will pull it out to finish up this last bit of congestion. Thanks for the suggestion! I used a product called Kold Kare this time. It’s an herbal remedy that contains the herb “andrographis paniculata.” I was pretty amazed with the success. After about twelve hours I felt relief and twenty four in was a significant improvement. Thanks also for the birthday wish!


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