A Blizzard is Coming!

So, it sounds like we might be getting snow. Every time I hear about it, it’s a little more. The guy who’s fixing my ceilings today just said that it’s up to 33 inches!  I didn’t live here in 1978 when the biggest blizzard of all time hit New England. It’s the storm that every other storm is compared to, including the event that’s forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. I can’t help but think that it would be nice for my kids to have “blizzard memories” like my adult friends do of the Blizzard of ’78. We’ll see what happens!

Our preparations are well underway starting with the most important thing, what should I make to eat? I’m thinking chocolate chocolate chip cookies and a Pioneer Woman chocolate sheet cake should do it. I know that there are other flavors but we are chocolate people. I have a good stock of milk, juice, tomato sauce and pasta. There’s also some canned food and two pounds of bacon (thank you Michael). I bought bags of apples, oranges, veggies and even some blueberries the other day.  Michael and the kids have the firewood stacked up and I may do a sweep of the woods to collect extra kindling a little later, just to be sure. I think we’ll be just fine here in the Salem Garden.

I have some fantastic snow day projects lined up. Last night we picked up the new white roman shades that I ordered for the office. I think that installing them while the wind whips at the windows will be fun! I also have a collection of matching boxes just waiting for all of my paperwork to be organized into. Hopefully we’ll spend some family time relaxing and playing a board game. I may brave the trip to Target to find something new and fun to play. My plan is that just as the troops get restless, I’ll whip it out and wow them, then peace and happiness will prevail until we can get outside to shovel.

I’m off to fill water containers!  I’ll keep you posted as the snow falls.

Stay warm today!

Love, Michele



  1. Oh my goodness! That would shut down the state of ARkansas! Hope you are able to keep power and enjoy the snow. You sound like me, I love to cook when it gets like that and have all these plans to organize and clean. What I usually do is read a book 🙂 Be safe!!


    1. I wish I could just read a book Brenda, lol!!


  2. Diane says:

    It actually sounds like fun, as long as nobody has anywhere to go, and yes the memories it will create for your kids to see that much snow at one time. Stay safe, happy baking, shade hanging, playing new games and hopefully even some fun time in the snow!!!!!


    1. I think we’ll have fun. The schools are closed all ready and the whole state is pretty much shutting down. I’m happy to have some quiet family time for a few days! Thanks for visiting and for commenting. I love when people comment!!


  3. Blaire says:

    I can’t wait to take pictures…and I’m even excited to shovel! This is going to be so much fun…(as long as we don’t lose power or trees…) I just LOVE blizzards!


    1. I can’t wait to see your pictures! It is kind of fun, especially since we haven’t had snow in a couple of years…


  4. Christie says:

    You had me at “chocolate chocolate”! Stay warm and safe, and save room at the table for me – I want chocolate sheet cake and fun indoor storm projects.


    1. Thanks Christie, we will be warm and safe, and there’s always room at my table!


  5. debra stensrud says:

    hello michelle!!! for some reason , i haven’t seen your posts on facebook anymore 😦
    good to see you’re still blogging. i’ve been so busy planning meals for ladies at church and thinking of a baby shower for one of those moms, that i forgot to plan something fun for my kids!!! so, YOU inspired ME!!! I think i may deliver one of those meals before the storm and run out to target myself!! and thinking of you made me think of gardening. so, i believe i’ll peruse the seed catalogs as well. a huge thank you today. praying you and your family are well. you and your family are welcome anytime here in the beautiful hudson valley. lots to do. we are close to rhinebeck and millbrook. home of vanderbuilt mansion, roosevelt and the culinary institute of america 🙂


    1. HI Deb! I’m still here! WordPress posts links to my posts on fb but I don’t usually do it myself. Maybe you don’t see the wordpress posts? If you subscribe by e-mail you’ll get them all. I hope you enjoy your snow day today. So far my little kids have learned to cook eggs, Michael went to work for awhile and I made the boxes for the sorting project. Holly and I are doing some baking in a few minutes. We will be checking out the CIA in the next year, we’ll have to visit with you then! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo!


  6. nutsfortreasure says:

    Stay safe neighbor
    I baked a bunch of potatoes for homefries with eggs if we loose power for days I also made some hard boiled ones got to stay on my PLAN and I have Oatmeal Walnut and Coconut goodies cooking to give me strength to shovel yard in NH and THE ROOF 🙂


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