A Quick Derby Garden Update, With a Stop at West Beach

Here’s the Derby Garden when I blogged about it on March 26thIMG_0415

Here it was on Sunday. It’s greened up beautifully. I’m sure that it’s at an even different stage now, a few days later.
IMG_0938I love these old chimneys. Maintaining them here on the waterfront is probably quite challenging.IMG_0958 This was taken by my littlest girl. We girls were out for a ride.IMG_0947 Aren’t these tulips great? Donna Seger at Streets of Salem posted a photo of them in bloom on May Day and I was sure that I was going to miss them. I was so happy to see that they were still going strong on Sunday.IMG_0925 Beautiful peach columbine, coming into bloom.IMG_0924I’m not sure about this plant’s identity… does anyone know what it is? Let us know!
IMG_0922Before the garden we stopped at the beach for a few minutes. It was windy and cold but still a nice little break in the busy weekend. Sorry, no kid pictures… girls don’t always want to be photographed. That’s okay, neither do I.IMG_0916


I thought that the view might make you smile 🙂

Summer is coming~

Enjoy Everything!




  1. Beautiful flowers AND the beach. Wow – you’re living right! 🙂


    1. We sure are Judy! I’m thankful for that every day.


  2. I think your mystery plant is pasque flower, but not sure.


    1. Yes I think it is! It’s also called pulsatilla and is made into a very commonly used homeopathic remedy (not to be confused with a herbal remedy, don’t “use” it yourself, it’s reduced into a minute portion for homeopathic use, but that’s another story).. Thanks for your help in identifying!


  3. daseger says:

    Pasque flower/pulsatilla, great to know! The Derby garden is very special to me as I was proposed to there–it’s my perfect Salem space.


  4. J. G. Burdette says:

    The very last photo is a new favorite!


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