Happy Easter! It’s Time To Plant The Pansies

Usually I’ve planted some pansies by Easter, but this year between the late snows and our crazy schedule I almost didn’t make it.

This morning I managed to pick them up at the garden center, just in time.

Be not afraid!

Their very hardy and they’ll be just fine!


Every March when I put them out people roll their eyes and tell me that they won’t make it, but they do…


Give this pot a week or two and it will fill in with a mass of happy little pansy faces.

You can even eat the flowers if you’d like to!

Have I mentioned that spring is here?

Happy Easter!





  1. Do those last all summer for you? We usually plant ours in the fall and pull them up in late April or May.


    1. No they don’t, just until it starts to get hot. Usually around Memorial day I pull them out and replace them with summer stuff like geraniums and verbena. Sometimes I put them out back in the shade for the summer.


  2. PJ says:

    Such sweet little plants. Happy Easter Michele x


  3. dayphoto says:

    You are so far ahead of us…I won’t be able to do this for another month. Your growing seasons are so much different that ours!



  4. Pansies bring out a smile on everyone’s face:) So cute but also so tough, I love them in the spring.


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