Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere!

It started with these two pumpkins that we grew…

then a few more were added to the landscape in the front yard…and onto the front porch…

Some of those came from our Columbus Day trip to Russell Orchards..

All of our kids were with us that day, nothing else makes me happier!

This sign ended up in the front porch planter this year..So, we now have this…Then the older girls went to youth group and came home with these amazing creations!And my oldest daughter baked a cake with fondant pumpkins…

That looked like this 🙂 It was four layers, with chocolate mousse filling…seriously…

We really have a lot of pumpkins.

Do your pumpkins multiply like ours do?

Just wondering…



  1. Home Seasons says:

    What a beautiful Halloween cake!


  2. PJ Girl says:

    What a treat! My pumpkins don’t multiply but I wish they did… I’d carve smiley faces in them and leave them on doorsteps for people to find them in the morning. Halloween is starting to become more popular over here but I envy your Halloween traditions and will definitely visit Salem one day!!


    1. we don’t usually leave them for people but that’s a great idea PJ! Halloween is widely celebrated here in the US but in Salem it takes on a life of it’s own…


  3. Joy says:

    The pumpkins look great! I did not buy any this year and we both know I can’t grow any! I may buy some sweet pumpkins to cook and eat once we get home. Never been a hug fan of pumpkin but saw a recipe that sounded really good. The cake looks fantastic just like all the cakes your daughter creates. Really enjoyed that your two youngest children still walk hand in hand with you!!


    1. You could grow them if you tried! I’m hoping to do a post about that next week.. I love that my little kids still hold my hand too. Every time my little guy grabs my hand I hope it will last for a while longer…


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