I Should–

Michael and I spent a few precious hours in the garden late in the day today and I just felt like I “had” to take some photos and get this post done because I was writing in my head. Does this happen to you other bloggers? Sometimes I can’t move on to the next thing until I get that post drafted, or those photos taken. It’s an addiction, this blogging thing.  Part of what was on my mind was the fact that our garden has so many “shoulds” in it that I have to get busy with, or address or do something about, or not do because I should know better.


These blueberry bushes are a good example. Michael and I bought them a few weeks ago because we had been in New Hampshire and encountered some beautiful bushes in a city park that were loaded with berries. This led to a new discussion about how much we’d like to plant some of our own, then we saw them for sale and had to have them. One really shouldn’t plant blueberry bushes in July. Spring and fall are the times for planting blueberry bushes so here we are keeping them well hydrated and waiting until fall to plant them. I should have known better. IMG_2179On the positive side I did cut back most, if not all, of my chrysanthemum (the hardy bush kind) today. They’ll fill in and be beautiful in the fall. If yours are getting ready to bloom you should cut them back now and watch how nice they look in your fall borders after they fill in and make new blossoms. You’ll be glad you did!

IMG_2178Here’s another, I “should” deal with this asparagus fern that’s taking over this little corner. That’s a rose-bush tucked in under it. Jeeshh

IMG_2174I should also figure out what to do with these beets. Beets have been less than well this year both here and at work. I think it was because of all the rain we had but I worry that it’s because I don’t really love them so I don’t spend the time to figure out what they need.

IMG_2169Here’s a small victory… I planted some fall beans where the sweet peas had been. A “should” that was dealt with, lets hope they grow right up that trellis!

IMG_2168Everyone “should” enjoy lemon balm scattered throughout the garden. It’s one of the simple pleasures out there.

IMG_2166 IMG_2163I trimmed  the bottom branches off of all of the romas today. Their a bit sparse but coming along…a should checked off that list!

IMG_2160This is an asian cucumber that I started recently for the fall… looking forward to seeing how it does… I should find a trellis for it soon.
IMG_2155 Another should addressed… I learned about how to tie up the leaves over the cauliflower head to give it shade. This is also called “blanching” it… interesting, we’ll see how it goes. IMG_2154 We have bush beans, with beans on the bushes, but their kind of scrawny and there’s yellow damage on the leaves. These plants are about two feet away from the chicken run and I suspect the ammonia may be drifting over and damaging the plants. I should figure out what to do to prevent this.

IMG_2152 The Brussel sprouts are sprouting… we should let these ripen past the first frost because the cold air sweetens them up.

IMG_2150 Hmmm… shallots, I should figure out exactly when to harvest these. What do you shallot growers think?IMG_2149

IMG_2147 I should jump for joy over my garden surprise this year. The tomatillo plant is loaded with blossoms… their adorable!

IMG_2140 I should put more eggshells around the bottom of these tomato plants and make some pesto from the basil as soon as possible. There’s going to be a nice crop of basil this year.

IMG_2136 I most definitely should deal with this butterfly garden. The last time I walked toward it one of my slithery friends disappeared right into it in front of me. I’ve been a little nervous about stepping in there ever since. I know I’ll be happy when it’s done. So will the butterflies!

Clearly this was a busy day and there’s more to come tomorrow. I should go to bed!  So should you if your staying up reading this on Saturday night!

Enjoy everything! xoxo




  1. You got a lot done. Congratulations on the blueberry bushes. You will be so glad that you planted them in the years to come. Make friends with your garden snake and all will be well. Happy gardening!


    1. I’ll try to make friends Michele, that’s such a stretch for me 😦


  2. If you didn’t have a ‘should’ list, you wouldn’t be a gardener. Interesting ‘blanching’ tip. 🙂


    1. I thought it was interesting too Judy… I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve never grown cauliflower before.


  3. I know exactly what you mean. I can be such a procrastinator. Looks like you did quite a bit of your shoulds, though. You ‘should’ be proud!


    1. the blog helps me with the procrastination more than almost anything Brenda!


  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    My garden is moving at such a slow pace you would think with all that rain I would need a ladder to pick my corn 😦 sadly just a few are even past my knee.

    Beets are delish! Pickle them maybe a cold beat soup YUM 🙂

    Enjoy this amazing day we have outside I shall head out soon to weed and capture something pretty with my camera



    1. hope it’s picked up since you wrote this Eunice!!


      1. nutsfortreasure says:

        no I think with all the rain it needs some organic fertilizer I do it once a week but then it rains 😦 dilutes it.
        No Monarchs yet even Butterfly Bush has refused to bloom yet crazy 🙂


  5. Gardening is a skill, and with every skill, there are steps that must be taken. Looks like your garden is doing great!


    1. yes it is, that’s one of the things I love about it! thank you!


  6. haha! I’m right there with you and your list of “shoulds”! You’ve done a great job. Gardening is such a work in progress. I keep telling myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Your Brussels Sprouts look great! How long did it take for your stalks to grow? I have lovely big leaves but no stalks (yet?). As for beets, we love roasting them. I peel, cut, and slather them with oil and roast for about an hour. *love them!* I know it is hot in the States now so it isn’t an ideal suggestion! We could easily have a cool day anytime in the summer. 🙂


    1. I planted those as seedlings, I think I put them in in early June? I think we’ll be loving the beets if I can get them to grow? I think it’s just been too rainy. We’ve had some very cool days this past week, I almost made chicken soup!


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