I’ve seen lots of questions and comments about the hot weather’s effect on our gardens in the past few days so I’d like to share this great post by Amy at A Healthy Life for Me. There’s lots of good explanation and answers to questions. I hope it’s helpful to all of my friends who are dealing with heat and drought right now…. Michele


I like to order my seeds from a few different sources, one of them is JUNG SEEDS.  They sent out their newsletter last weekend and an article touched on the Hot Weather and its effects on our garden.  Since my garden really took a beating during the heat wave, I found the article really informative, so I thought I would share.

Tomatoes are the most widely planted garden crop.  An abundance of blossoms on tomatoes doesn’t always result in a bumper crop. Temperatures above 85 degrees F. can affect pollination and fruit set. Studies have shown that daytime temperatures in excess of 95 degrees and night time temps of over 75 degrees may cause flowers to fall off. Temperatures over 100 degrees can make the plant go into survival mode, causing red pigments in tomatoes to stop forming, while the yellow and orange ones continue. If this is the…

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  1. AmySue says:

    Thanks for the reblog!


    1. Your welcome Amy! It was a really informative post. I hope it helps out my friends who are having difficulty (and brings you some visitors too).


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