Sepia, and the Mystery Lady’s Photo

Changing photos to sepia is fun (and easy with I-Photo)

Here’s a photo I took at the Common last week:

Same photo, changed to Sepia.  Isn’t this timeless? It looks like it could have been taken a hundred years ago.

Here’s another one, the cars kind of give it away. I should crop them out.

This was our Christmas Picture a few years ago. My kids have grown up so much since then. I wish we could slow that down a little bit.

and this one really is old… Isn’t she beautiful? I have her hanging over my fireplace.  It’s a photo that we found in my Dad’s things. My sister and I think it could be our grandmother. Unfortunately we don’t have any known photos of her. If anyone  recognizes this lady please let me know! I call her Rose.

We’ve been wondering for a few years now…

Anyway, Happy Monday! I’m off to prepare for our big family road trip later this week.

Enjoy Everything!




  1. J. G. Burdette says:

    I like the way sepia and black/white photos have a nostalgic look to them.


    1. they do, their so easy to look at. I have several framed around my house. Thanks for visiting JG!


    2. Love the Sepia Photos! It really does feel nostalgic! I really enjoy reading your adventures in gardening,your chicken’s and your kids. You’re the sweetest family. I wish I knew more people like you guys. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


      1. Thanks Celeste!!


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