Wordless Wednesday-9/24/14 Welcome Home Sweet Camera











IMG_7319I took the lens cover off of my camera at Marconi Station on Cape Cod in August to take the most beautiful beach shot in the history of the world to find my lens shattered in to a million tiny pieces. It’s back from the shop and I’m so happy! Here’s what happened in the few minutes right after UPS delivered it yesterday. (Sorry for the words, this post just needed some context so it wouldn’t be totally random!)

Love, Michele


Sepia, and the Mystery Lady’s Photo

Changing photos to sepia is fun (and easy with I-Photo)

Here’s a photo I took at the Common last week:

Same photo, changed to Sepia.  Isn’t this timeless? It looks like it could have been taken a hundred years ago.

Here’s another one, the cars kind of give it away. I should crop them out.

This was our Christmas Picture a few years ago. My kids have grown up so much since then. I wish we could slow that down a little bit.

and this one really is old… Isn’t she beautiful? I have her hanging over my fireplace.  It’s a photo that we found in my Dad’s things. My sister and I think it could be our grandmother. Unfortunately we don’t have any known photos of her. If anyone  recognizes this lady please let me know! I call her Rose.

We’ve been wondering for a few years now…

Anyway, Happy Monday! I’m off to prepare for our big family road trip later this week.

Enjoy Everything!