Happy Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day! October 2015

The fifteenth of the month has become my very favorite day because even if I don’t manage to publish a post myself, I enjoy visiting all of the other garden bloggers to see what’s blooming in their gardens.

Reading GBBD posts is always an uplifting way to spend an hour (or two)!

We haven’t had a frost yet here in Salem, so while the garden is starting to wind down, it’s still producing and blooming almost as much as it did in September.
IMG_9669The morning glories are glorious, even at ground level and paired with rosemary.

IMG_9586The mexican marigold is happy hanging out with the lovage.

Lovage is very similar to celery and I’m using it often these days in soups and stuffing.

IMG_9583I’m always posting photos of my volunteer snapdragons. I remember my mother using snapdragon in an arrangement for my first communion when I was seven years old, and I can never quite believe that it grows so easily in my garden. I’m hoping that the foxglove right behind it blooms in the spring.

IMG_9662_2Here it is up close with the macro setting…

I can never get enough of snapdragon or the macro setting.

IMG_9653_2Macro’d cilantro…
IMG_9648These yellow chrysanthemums survived last winter’s difficulty. The other chrysanthemums really did not.

IMG_9603The taller zinnias are supposed to be a giant variety, but their not too big. I planted them quite late in the season (maybe the first week in July or so) so it took them a long time to bloom, but here they are!

IMG_9604It is a very pretty bloom.
IMG_9608I’m still kind of partial to the Cut and Come Again variety of zinnia.

IMG_9639_2This single shoot of bellflower popped up on the opposite side of the fence among the pepper plants.

IMG_9617Sedum is one of my favorite fall plants. This small variety has very delicate flowers.
IMG_9599This white daisy-like chrysanthemum is being crowded out by other plants in the bed, but there’s a bit that’s still with us. I need to thin the iris, echinacea and black-eyed susan that surround it. If anyone from the area would like starts of any of those plants leave me a message in the comments and we’ll work it out.
IMG_9593And the knock-out roses are non stop. Yay for knockout roses, you just can’t hurt them!

Be sure to visit May Dreams Garden by clicking here to see what’s in bloom today in gardens all over the world!

Be well,

Love, Michele



  1. Knockout roses and sedum are about the only color left here that isn’t high up on a tree. 🙂 Did you get a new camera? Great photos. Love the header shot.


    1. no, same camera, and I was kind of struggling with it yesterday and went back and re-took a lot of photos. Maybe that helped? I brought those chickens back from my mom’s house in Pennsylvania. I love them!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely! Are you expecting frost this weekend? I just saw our forcast for Monday night is 36 degrees. Yikes!


  3. Hi Marian! Yes, we may have frost tomorrow night. I’m so. not. ready. I’m planning to spend time finishing up the tomato harvest today. I’m surprised that you’re getting such cold weather already.


  4. That is a beautiful Morning Glory. I also love the flowers that cilantro makes. I always let it flower before replanting it in the pots I grow them in. (I’m a renter so I can’t plant in the ground). I live in Pasadena, CA now, but I used to live in Pennsylvania. I’ve visited Cape Cod a few times and would always go in the Fall. It is so amazingly beautiful in New England this time of year!


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