What’s Happening in the Garden– Early Spring Sunday

We’re having a beautiful day here so I spent some time looking around in the garden. Of course, I can’t just look, nor should I. There’s stuff  to do!

The pea and bean trellis is just about ready, but the snow still lurks. Maybe I’ll shovel it away so that the ground can unfreeze and we can get some peas started. While I’m at it I might want to clean the old vines off of the trellis.


I don’t think the Rosemary made it. I should have covered it, my fault. I’ll have to plant a new one soon.IMG_0377

The girls look happy. They don’t love snow and cold weather. It feels like they’ve finally relaxed and smiled. We even got six or seven eggs yesterday. IMG_0349 It’s still really muddy out there!IMG_0353What’s this? a big, beautiful sign that spring is really here! IMG_0362Maybe it’s time to plant some lettuce? You just need a trowel and some seeds (and the soil of course)…IMG_0363It’s in! First lettuce of the season! You can see the leftover salt marsh hay from last year. Pretty soon we’ll add compost and turn it all in thoroughly. In the meantime, it will be fine.

Lettuce is very hearty and can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked, just like sweet peas, carrots, spinach and radishes.

Hope your able to get out there and plant  something! It just takes a little bit of seed and it’s a great activity to do with kids, although I must admit that my kids were scootering and I treated myself to a few minutes alone with the soil.

Happy Spring!

Enjoy Everything!




  1. dayphoto says:

    Way too cold here…2 above this morning and around 39* right now. I have to wait (and wait-and wait………………) SIGH!


    1. I know I keep saying this Linda, but spring WILL be here soon, even for you!!


  2. kate says:

    I was really hoping to be able to get out and start digging this weekend, but my garden was still completely covered in snow today. I’m really itching to get going!


    1. I know, I kept thinking “in a few days”… it may snow here tonight, but it looks like it’s going to stay to our south. I was planting yesterday, snow or not!


  3. karenwaddy says:

    My rosemary didn’t make it 😦 Am rather hoping the thyme doesn’t go the same way. http://karenwaddy.wordpress.com/


    1. I’m sorry about your rosemary 😦 The thyme will probably be okay, it’s much hardier than rosemary!


      1. karenwaddy says:

        I pushed about 3 inches of snow off the thyme this morning and it doesn’t look ‘happy, although I guess it might cheer up once it thaws out 🙂


      2. I’ll be rooting for it, lol, no pun intended…


  4. Carolyn says:

    Love this post! Instead of the usual grumbling about the cold and snow, your words are optimistic and cheery. Love it! Still can’t plant in our gardens, but we have managed a little “clean-up” in-between snow storms.


    1. Why thank you Carolyn! It’s been a very long snowy winter here in New England and we are so ready for spring. Hope your able to get out and plant soon! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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