Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day-May 2014

Happy GBBD-May 2014!

I haven’t looked at last May’s Bloom Day post but my worry is that it’s very similar to this year’s. Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day is making me think about adding new plants and changing the garden around a little. We’ll see what happens with that.

Here’s what I have:

IMG_5679Tulips are still hanging in there.

IMG_5677Lots of pansies everywhere.  Did I tell you that we grew our own pansies from seed at work this year? They need a little special care in the beginning but their not that hard and it felt like quite an accomplishment. These are not those homegrown pansies, but maybe I’ll try it here next year.

IMG_5672My mother’s Day plant…petunias, verbena and marigold…kind of an interesting combination, don’t you think?

IMG_5668Solomen’s Seal


IMG_5664Rhubarb, sorry I can’t help but include it, it’s a bloom!

IMG_5663Bleeding Heart…

IMG_5651Bride and groom… This is always such a tricky flower to photograph.

IMG_5650It’s so pretty but it barely stays still.



IMG_5642And we’re finally seeing some crabapple blooms! These are very late this year…

IMG_5641…but definitely worth the wait.

IMG_5639And a little bit of dogwood bloom.

IMG_5640Last year this tree was covered with flowers. This year we  have just a few. Was it the winter? Does it need a boost of fertilizer? I’m not sure but we’ll keep an eye on it.

So, that’s it for us here at The Salem Garden. Nothing too flashy or impressive, all common names, very imperfect, but full of love! Love works for me!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and be sure to check out the other garden blogger’s posts for GBBD on May Dreams Gardens! What a treat!

Enjoy everything!



Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- November 2013

I didn’t think that I’d have a November GBBD post to share but I just can’t quite give up yet.

We still have a few blooms to enjoy here on the coast of New England.

IMG_4372Still a few knock out roses, the rest of the roses are gone. I’m really in love with this color that I chose for the front and side yards. We planted several of these recently. You’ll see more of them in the spring.

IMG_4364Some snapdragons too…with the right kind of winter I may be able to post a photo of these in the February and March GBBD posts (just kidding, probably).. 

IMG_4359Not quite a bloom, but the asparagus foliage and seeds almost qualify. I love these!

IMG_4329And just enough foxglove to make sure that we don’t forget about it.

That’s it for me!  Looking forward to looking at the other Bloom Day posts at May Dreams Gardens!

Hope you do too!


ps/ It’s the weekend! Be sure to take a few minutes to check out the video that I shared here the other day of Margaret Roach‘s gardens in New York State. It’s great!

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- June 15

Happy Bloom Day! The fifteenth seems to come so quickly every month. I enjoy writing these bloom day posts because they help me to focus and appreciate my garden. I also enjoy them because I always take a wonderful trip around the world to see what’s blooming in everyone else’s garden! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and visit May Dreams Gardens to see what other gardeners have posted. It’s really a nice treat and you deserve it!

We’ve had so so so much rain here that I went out to the garden wondering if there would be anything at all to share today. I was happy to find that the usual June blooms are there, if not a bit weather worn and soggy.

Somehow the iris have made it through the rain…


This is a bit of a mystery rose. I didn’t plant it but it’s quite happy hiding among the iris and it seems to be getting more prolific every year. I don’t think it’s a weed, and it’s not too aggressive so I’m just kind of enjoying it.IMG_1620 Here’s what happens to rhubarb blossoms when I host large family events that require almost all of my time and attention. IMG_1619 Comfrey…IMG_1616White iris, still hanging on too. I honestly don’t know how.
IMG_1614 Sage…IMG_1612 Salvia…IMG_1611 Sweet Pea…IMG_1609 Rose Campion…IMG_1607 White Cottage RoseIMG_1605 Heather…IMG_1603 Dianthus (weather worn dianthus, actually)…IMG_1599 and Rosa Ragosa, one of my favorites…IMG_1597

What’s blooming in your garden?

Enjoy everything!