Growing a Greener World Episode: Garden with Margaret Roach

Here’s the link to a wonderful episode of Growing a Greener World, a national gardening series on PBS, featuring one of my favorite garden bloggers, Margaret Roach. It was so much fun to see Margaret’s stunning gardens and to listen to her talk about gardening and design. She inspires me every day! Make a cup of tea or coffee and relax and enjoy for a few minutes~    Michele

Episode 418: Garden with Margaret Roach.



  1. Sally says:

    That was great! It makes me wish it was Spring instead of Autumn! Thanks for sharing.


    1. I know, isn’t it awesome? I follow Margaret’s blog and I enjoy it so much so it was fun to see her and her garden come to life! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for commenting!!


    1. Thanks so much for the pingback!!


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