Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- June 15

Happy Bloom Day! The fifteenth seems to come so quickly every month. I enjoy writing these bloom day posts because they help me to focus and appreciate my garden. I also enjoy them because I always take a wonderful trip around the world to see what’s blooming in everyone else’s garden! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and visit May Dreams Gardens to see what other gardeners have posted. It’s really a nice treat and you deserve it!

We’ve had so so so much rain here that I went out to the garden wondering if there would be anything at all to share today. I was happy to find that the usual June blooms are there, if not a bit weather worn and soggy.

Somehow the iris have made it through the rain…


This is a bit of a mystery rose. I didn’t plant it but it’s quite happy hiding among the iris and it seems to be getting more prolific every year. I don’t think it’s a weed, and it’s not too aggressive so I’m just kind of enjoying it.IMG_1620 Here’s what happens to rhubarb blossoms when I host large family events that require almost all of my time and attention. IMG_1619 Comfrey…IMG_1616White iris, still hanging on too. I honestly don’t know how.
IMG_1614 Sage…IMG_1612 Salvia…IMG_1611 Sweet Pea…IMG_1609 Rose Campion…IMG_1607 White Cottage RoseIMG_1605 Heather…IMG_1603 Dianthus (weather worn dianthus, actually)…IMG_1599 and Rosa Ragosa, one of my favorites…IMG_1597

What’s blooming in your garden?

Enjoy everything!




  1. Wonderful! I live vicariously through these pictures of you gargen. I wish I had more sunlight on my small patio. I haven’t had much time this month to be in my garden, much less take pictures. My climbing roses are blooming like crazy this year, but they are not the color I planted three years ago??? Last year there were a few yellow blooms, but this year there is a cascade of red roses! very strange.


    1. that is strange? I’ll have to try to figure it out… I hope your enjoying the red roses, lol. I remember the photos of your patio, it looked like great space!


  2. I like your mystery rose.


    1. me too, there may be a bit more to come about it in a day or so..


  3. Blaire Malcolm says:

    Hi Michele-

    Not a “new” bloom but this butterfly was quickly visiting every impatiens flower.  I took 6 pictures and only got this one.  He stayed around for 20 minutes.  Nick spotted him and got the first picture…so cute- 17 and he still is like a little kid with butterflies…

    Loved both your blogs!




    1. thanks sweetie! and they never outgrow the butterflies 😉


  4. Mario says:

    Lovely blooms. I’m particularly fond of the sage. Happy GBBD!


    1. thank you Mario!


  5. nutsfortreasure says:

    Very nice just one hr or less from me 🙂
    I have mushrooms I could share lol
    Did a huge planting yesterday morning with two other in our garden club can’t wait till the lilies open up they may miss the stop sign though 🙂


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