Rooting Coleus

Here’s what we were up to at Bass River last week! Michele

Bass River Gardens


The coleus plants were so pretty  that we wanted to save some for next year.


This one is nice!


We cut some off of the plants and trimmed off the leaves.


We put one in a clay pot with water.


Some of the cuttings are in a clear glass jar with water.


We put some in a mix of half perlite and half potting soil.


We even put one in a bottle!


Now their all sitting together in the sun in our kitchen.

We’re looking forward to learning about which coleus cuttings grow roots first!

Photos and text by Barbara, Laurie and Michele

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  1. I’m having the year-end debate of whether or not to root some geraniums. I love the process just not the moving around of the plants for six months while you cover and uncover windows during the winter.


  2. Betsey says:

    I’ll be interested to hear which plants rooted first, and best. I usually just do them in water in clear glass. looking forward to your results. Betsey


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