What’s Happening in the Garden-June 9-And Then There Were Two



So, there’s good news and bad news around here. I’ll start with the bad news first and get it over with.

It’s actually really bad, as in, “a coyote killed four of our baby chicks in a few minutes” kind of bad. Michael and I miscommunicated about the meaning of “the chickens are all set” last Sunday night. He left for a work trip right after dark and when he said that they were all set I thought that meant locked up for the night so I never checked them. At 5:00 Monday morning I heard lots of chicken noise so I ran down there to see what was up. I found my neighbor out behind the coop having just scared the coyote away a few seconds before I arrived. It was horrible. The coyote killed three of our chicks instantly and a fourth disappeared. Two survived, both wyandottes. I can’t help but think that it might say something about the hardiness of the breed. One walked out of the woods shortly after the attack and we found the other sheltering in place up the street behind the stop sign. Anyway, I’m now calling these two Silver and Gold because they truly are precious.

IMG_5890The good news in our pet population is that this little sweetie pie is staying. We’ve named her Tucker, and she is the cutest, friendliest bunny ever! Tucker really helped to ease our pain last week after the chicken disaster.

IMG_5973Other good news is that I finally planted out this herb garden this morning. I know it doesn’t look like much now but just you wait! There’s a lot of plant material just below the surface burrowing in and getting ready to grow. This was a very economical project as the only money that we spent was for compost and a few annuals that I had around and added to brighten things up.

IMG_5336Here’s the same space a few months ago.

IMG_5974The borders are coming in to bloom. They need to be weeded again.

IMG_5979The peas are starting to flower a little and there’s watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkin seedlings in front of them.

IMG_5981We have some happy cucumber seedlings and some that need to be replaced. I think the cold weather got to them last week. It’s been unbelievably cold. I have new seedlings cooking in the basement that I’ll plant in those hills.

IMG_5999I also started fall crops inside over the past few days… broccoli, swiss chard and brussel sprouts. Just ten plants of each, that’s enough for us.

IMG_5983In spite of the cold, the tomatoes have settled in quite well. I think that their about to take off.

IMG_5984As has the zucchini. The kale loves the cold, along with the mesclun, and the peppers and onions don’t mind too much. It looks like it’s time to weed and pull out rocks again.

IMG_5987The window box still needs to be planted.

IMG_5990And the butterfly garden could use some attention.

IMG_5988It won’t look like this for long… just a few weeks and these beds will be full!

So we’ve had our ups and downs around here. Between the chicken loss and the crazy weather it’s been kind of sad. I’m in the habit of going out to the garden very early in the morning so that we have family time in the middle of the day. The kids enjoy the garden and they help a lot but we don’t want them growing up to resent the time we spend out there.

We’re always adjusting, trying new things, making it work…

And sometimes I can sleep on the beach!

How’s your garden growing? Let me know!

Love, Michele





  1. Bailey says:

    We only have indoor pets so no losses there. This weather has done some damage to our lettuce. We lost some. However as you said the zuchinni and the tomatoes seem to be thriving. The lettuce is just in a place that when it rains hard it has trouble swimming.


  2. So sorry about your chickens! We have been cool and rainy here, too. Ready for some sunshine and warmth.


  3. My condolences about your chickens. Nice irises though. We have cold weather here also and it has rained for the last two days plus probably tomorrow. A very mixed blessing.


  4. Michele, so sorry to hear of the loss of your chickens. So sad to lose a pet, never mind a few! Your garden looks fabulous! I love the herb garden! Pity about the cold weather. We are just now starting to warm up here, so I know how it feels. Dana


  5. daseger says:

    You are juggling so much, Michele! I have a hard time with just ONE garden. So sorry about the chickens but that is indeed a beautiful silver bunny! I love herbs and interweave them with my perennials as that’s what the colonials did–I know that you are far more thrifty than I, but if you are ever in search of some hard-to-find herbs the Herbal Farmacy up in Salisbury is a great source.


    1. I am a little worn out these days Donna, but so much of it is fun! The Herbal Farmacy sounds like a great day trip. I’ll have to work on getting there, thanks for the lead!


  6. I am so sorry about your loss because those chicks become part of the family, and Wyandottes are tough girls – we have some. Love Tucker – so cute. And, you can sleep on the beach – WOW. 🙂


    1. Thanks Judy, it was a bummer but Tucker has helped ease our pain, and yes, I’m definitely a beach sleeper!


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