Out In the Tractor!


Today is the first day that it’s been warm enough for a little jaunt to the yard. I wish I’d had my camera ready when we put the babies into the tractor. They were so cute, running and flapping and scratching. Usually by this age the chicks are very familiar with the outdoors but this little flock hasn’t experienced that since it’s been so cold.

IMG_5208Here’s our chicken tractor. We use it for lots of things… it’s a nursery, hospital/icu, transition place and even a space for a bunny to enjoy sometimes. Chicken tractors come in handy if your a chicken owner.

IMG_5206Looking in, it’s built as an a-frame with a little house at one end. When the chicks are too big for their basement cage they transition into this full time until their big enough to be integrated into the larger, older flock. Today it’s just a temporary play space for a few hours. Their still living in a cozy metal cage in the basement.

IMG_5195As you can see the tractor opens up a whole new world.

IMG_5192Everyone is growing so quickly. Michael was commenting earlier about how our dark cochin seems to be dominant. This is kind of a roosterish look… let’s hope she’s not a he.

IMG_5184The feathers are coming in so quickly…

IMG_5181Winnie stands guard. Stay away coyotes and raccoons!

IMG_5180This little chicken is growing the fastest of all.

She’s too much!

Enjoy everything!





  1. lulu says:

    The chickens must be as happy as you to finally get outside.


    1. I think so!! We’re all doing the sunshine yard happy dance!


  2. Chip Bott says:

    We have been putting them outside in their cage in the warm sun. I’ll have to make one of these when I find time…..looks like it might be a while. Thinking I’ll have one ready for the next 6 coming in May. Always love reading your posts and your photos are awesome by the way.


    1. Aw Chip, that’s the biggest compliment in the world coming from you, thank you!! I’m sure you’ll make your tractor in a few hours, and of course you know where to come look for a plan 😉 We’re trying hard to come by to see your coop in person. Time is tighter than I’d like it to be right now!


  3. It has been a great week of weather. Love your tractor and I bet your chickens would send you a tweet saying thank you for the outside play time. 🙂


    1. I think I need to get them a cell phone Judy!!! LOL!


  4. devhensbrood says:

    Love your tractor. I am hoping to make one for next summer. I see you are using chicken wire. Any problems with other animals/predators? I hear conflicting thoughts on chicken wire so wondered your experience. Thank you!


    1. Yes it is chicken wire. We haven’t had a problem with predators and chicken wire. I’ve read many accounts of raccoons going right through it but we haven’t had that happen and we have our share of raccoons.


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