Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day-March 2014

Well I can’t say that I’m the bloom day game just yet, we don’t have any blooms outside. We still have quite a bit of snow and I’ve heard a rumor of more snow possible on Monday. So for now I have to look at the patches of garden where the snowdrops and crocus usually are and just know that their under there and in a few days or weeks we’ll see them again. I’m very confident that by APRIL I’ll have some really authentic Salem Garden blooms to share. In the meantime I’ll share the indoor flowers that I’ve been enjoying while I wait.

I had a birthday recently and my friends and family were very generous in their gifts of flowers. It was a few weeks ago so most have gone by but I’ve managed to hold on to a few.


The last few flowers of alstroemeria from the bouquet that my family gave me.


A lovely white azalea, which will be planted outside soon.


This is a mystery… anyone care to identify for me? It came from a company called but I don’t see it on their website. It’s pretty on my kitchen countertop.


And another that arrived in a lovely arrangement without a tag. It looks like it might be a member of the clerodendrum family…anyone?

Next month there will be bulbs and flowering trees, I just know it! In the meantime be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens to see lots of spring gardens in bloom!

Tomorrow I’m back to the chicken series until that crocus blooms!

Enjoy everything!




  1. Chloris says:

    Your first pot plant looks like Campanula isophylla. I’ m not sure about the second one, has it got fleshy leaves? If so it could be a Kalanchoe. I hope your snow will go soon so that you can enjoy being outside. Our Spring gardens are really getting going in the UK after a week of warm weather.


  2. I think your right, it is a campanula, and when I looked at the website again I found it easily. The friend who gave it to me mentioned that it could be planted outside so I wanted to identify it to make sure I put it in a good spot. I believe the second one is a kalanchoe too. Thanks for commenting and for your help!


  3. nutsfortreasure says:

    Same here


    Did you go to the Boston Flower Show? I had to stitches and bruising I could not stand another day of SNOW it it was nice to step into spring though more flowers and less booths of non garden things would be nice.


    1. no, I wanted to in the worst way but we had some sickness going through here and a bunch of scheduled activities so I missed it. Glad you got there. I noticed on the web site that there seemed to be a lot of non garden related vendors. I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a garden blogger presence at the show next year… hmmm


      1. nutsfortreasure says:

        That would be fun and the more garden matter the better in my book 🙂


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