Overwintering rosemary – Fine Gardening Question & Answer

Hi everyone! I miss you! I miss reading blogs, I miss blogging, I miss sitting down… but I am enjoying the good stuff that’s happening around here. I hope to post about some of that soon. Michael and I have been quite busy outside and my kids have been quite busy using this computer for homework and projects. Winter is coming so we’ll all slow down and settle in over the next few weeks.

Here’s my thought of the day…

If you want to save your rosemary, now is the time to take it in! We just transplanted a rosemary plant at work the other day that I had kind of randomly placed into a pot that had a good amount of bark mulch in it when we added it to our rooftop garden in June. I was surprised to find the root system absolutely thriving when I took it out to move it. It just needed to be in a more decorative container for it’s winter home, so I used the original soil right along with it when we transplanted it. Be sure to add bark mulch of some type and then don’t let your rosemary plant dry out.

“A dry rosemary is a dead rosemary”, Adelma Simmons, 1994 at Caprilands

Rosemary (Photo credit: cinnachick)

Here’s a helpful article about overwintering rosemary plants from Fine Gardening.

Overwintering rosemary – Fine Gardening Question & Answer.

Have you taken your rosemary plant in for the winter yet? It’s not too late!



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  1. Oh thank you for the reminder… I hope I’m not too late.


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