Yesterday’s Salem Maritime Festival

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post a few quick shots of the Maritime Festival! I always intend to get lots of photos of “everything” and beautifully chronicle the event but my focus is on my kids and everything that they enjoy. I remember the days when they were all little and I pushed, pulled and carried all five of them around the festival for the day. As I watch all of the young parents I feel weightless with just an eight and ten year old to look after. They do grow up so quickly! Okay, enough of that!  Here we are, having a great time! Click on any photo to see them enlarged as a slideshow.  Michele



  1. Looks like a good day with great company! I know what you mean about feeling weightless. After shopping with my 8 mo old grandson and 3 year old granddaughter, It brought back many memories of hauling kids around to lots of fun activities. But I did take at 2 hour nap when I got home! Looks like y’all hd a good time,


    1. we did have fun Brenda! I was able to come home and make dinner and relax, such a change from years past when I’d be completely exhausted after an event like this. I’m looking forward to those grandchildren some day and I know I’ll need a nap when I get home too, lol!


  2. I’ve just enjoyed a week at the beach with our two grandchildren. The oldest is nearing 3 and the other is a new baby, so it is a shock to be reminded how much more difficult it is to go anywhere or do anything.

    The Festival looks like a real memory maker. It is particularly nice to have annual events such as this to share…I still remember the anticipation leading up to my hometown festival when I was a kid.


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