I’m Still Blogging!! A Wrap Up from the Week

So this ends my first week as a blogger, I have to say that it’s a  really a fun project. I love having someplace for my energy and creative thoughts to live.  I’m surprised by the amount of technical knowledge that’s required.  Like  other things that I’ve taught myself,  cooking, gardening, basic computer skills, and of course parenting… I try to learn one new thing each day. It’s all about taking baby steps and staying the course a little bit at a time.  Somehow I’ve been blessed with the ability to learn well that way, in small pieces… very, very slowly.  Thank you for your patience as you follow my long learning curve!

I  want to be sure to give credit where it’s due so a few quick housekeeping points are in order. The photo that I posted yesterday of the field of greens is NOT of my garden but of a garden at Overlook Farm in central Massachusetts. It was taken by Michael last summer on a church retreat with the youth group. The morning glories were mine a year or so ago. I took the photo on Boston Common  last year.  The last photo of the nasturtium basket is mine, taken at Santa’s Village in New Hampshire. All other photos are mine or Sophie’s and are from our garden here in Salem.

I’m hoping to get out and about in the next few weeks. I’d like to capture the spirit of  this unique place. Salem is an amazing place to work, live and raise a family. It’s not all about Halloween and witches. There’s an amazing sea-faring history and it’s right on the ocean. There are cultural events and interesting things happening every day!  I’m also planning to do some garden tours in the area. There are so many, some in the city, some on the ocean and some in backyards like mine.  As we all become used to this routine I may include more posts and photos of my family. I need to do some reading and searching  about that. My children’s privacy is very important to me and I’d never want to compromise it or for one of them to be uncomfortable. There may be some posts about our chickens and other  pets on the way soon too and maybe a few recipes. I really, really  need to get my camera back from the repair shop!

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who’s read something here and encouraged me. I have the most wonderful friends and family! I’ve been most surprised by the reaction of my immediate family. Sophie took photos for me. Joseph loves to read my posts and is sure that I’ll be the next Pioneer Woman so that he’ll be rich and famous.  Alli Rose sat in my lap and loved me as I wrote and tinkered. Holly smiled quietly and cheered.  Will has spared a few minutes from his busy teenage schedule to check in and read things, and my wonderful husband Michael has enjoyed throwing ideas for posts my way (some are usable and some are not!).

Thank you again for taking the time to stop in!

Lots of love,  

Michele at  The Salem Garden



  1. Maureen says:

    Hi Michele,
    Love seeing the pics and reading your tidbits of gardening tips and general thoughts. We love the same topics!


    1. Hi Maureen! thank you! we do! my little Joe is getting into sports these days, I’m starting to actually follow some teams with him, can you believe that?


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