Nemo’s in the Garden!

We’re having a blizzard today!  We still have power which is a huge blessing. I’m not really awake yet, but here are a few photos while the power is still on.

The view from our front door yesterdayIMG_0586

and todayIMG_0593

Here’s Michael’s car and looking down the street.  I just read on facebook that two city snow plow trucks have caught on fire. We may be snowed in for awhile. The roads are all closed with a $500 fine if your found driving. I sure wouldn’t want to be stuck in a snowbank and then fined $500. IMG_0595

And of course here’s the garden, buried under drifting snow. The snow is wonderful insulation and is often called “nature’s fertilizer.” My perennials are always happy after a really snowy winter.IMG_0589

It’s still snowing quite hard and I’m not sure about the total accumulation yet. It’s hard to tell with all of the drifting.

The kids went outside since I took these photos. I’ll try to get some shots of them a little later. They are going to have a great day!

I’ll try to update after my coffee~




  1. Got Coffee??? Stay warm……. Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


    1. We do have coffee! Thanks Kenny!


  2. EA Bussey says:

    Wow! Though it creates so many headaches, it is beautiful. Glad you were well prepared and can relax and enjoy. 🙂


    1. We are lucky to be able to stay put today EA. thanks for saying hi!


  3. dayphoto says:

    I keep telling myself…Spring is coming, spring is coming…spring is coming…I’m not looking at your snow…spring is coming 🙂



    1. awww… that was weeks ago! Spring really is coming Linda! Look at my photo of the crocus from last week, lol!


      1. dayphoto says:

        Sorry I didn’t see the date..just the snow 🙂


  4. that’s from the big blizzard of 2013. Hopefully we’re all done with that kind of snow this year!


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