Nemo’s In the Garden and On the Street— Update!

As promised, here’s a little update:

Same view as earlier, but shoveled.IMG_0635

This guy went rolling by a few minutes ago.  I’m hoping that he works for the city.IMG_0625

Looking down at our cars. This may be an all hands on deck situation.



Kids getting ready to head out


Little guy’s awesome fortDSC01610


Dino and Maddie, they have the good life!IMG_0618

Time for lunch! I’m hoping that my downtown correspondant, Blaire, will send me some stuff to post from the Common neighborhood a little later. What do you think Blaire?

We’ll venture out too, if the governor lifts the driving ban.

Stay warm!


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  1. Susan Webber says:

    seeing your two cars parked side by side reminds me of the year we made that classic mistake. Two cars parked side by side at the wide part of our driveway but the one was up against the neighbor’s slope. Plenty of room to get in between.. The problem was about 18 inches of snowfall and trying to heave it up onto the slope which already had 18 inches on it! We had to shovel a mound forward and then shovel the bigger mound forward again. Never parked them side by side again during snowfall.


    1. their out there working on that now Susan. We don’t have too much driveway space so this is the best we can do. Our very kind neighbor across the street came over with his snowblower and did the end of the driveway. I think that big break has helped the rest go easier!


  2. PJ says:

    Wow! That’s amazing – how on earth are people getting to work??


    1. most places were closed yesterday PJ, I’m not sure about today.


      1. PJ says:

        It’s okay as long as it’s not a hospital or fire dept etc. Stay safe and keep us up to date x


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