One Last “Nemo In Salem” Post

Michael took a little ride yesterday, dropping people off and picking them up while I took care of things at home. I didn’t leave my house for three full days over the weekend. There were two blizzard days with the driving ban, my little guy was sick yesterday, and it was just so nice to be hunkered down (in the words of our governor) here at home that I never went further than the chicken coop. I’m making up for that today of course. Anyway, here are some scenes from Michael’s trip.

Two of our former homes are in these photos. Anyone remember, or want to guess which ones?















Hint, we didn’t live in the Lobster Shanty (in the photo just above) but it was on The Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” show last year.

Leave a comment if you know (or think you do).



Nemo in Salem— Down on Essex Street

As I expected, Blaire and her camera were out today. Here’s what she sent me:

Looking toward the Narbonne House. The Narbonne house is located at the Salem Maritime National  Historic site and dates back to 1675. It’s used as a historical study house and can be toured on a limited basis.  The other thing that’s interesting about this shot is that right below that huge drift of snow lies a beautiful bleeding heart plant that’s just waiting for spring to arrive!IMG520

The snow pile is very, very tall. I’m pretty sure it’s taller than the person who put it there ;).IMG527

Drifting snow, blocking the walkway next to the Narbonne House, with the Hawke’s House in the background. The Friendship is just beyond. If Blaire could have walked through that snowdrift we might have seen the Friendship too. Those NPS workers better get busy!IMG524

Thanks Blaire!

Stay warm everyone!

Michele and Blaire

Nemo’s In the Garden and On the Street— Update!

As promised, here’s a little update:

Same view as earlier, but shoveled.IMG_0635

This guy went rolling by a few minutes ago.  I’m hoping that he works for the city.IMG_0625

Looking down at our cars. This may be an all hands on deck situation.



Kids getting ready to head out


Little guy’s awesome fortDSC01610


Dino and Maddie, they have the good life!IMG_0618

Time for lunch! I’m hoping that my downtown correspondant, Blaire, will send me some stuff to post from the Common neighborhood a little later. What do you think Blaire?

We’ll venture out too, if the governor lifts the driving ban.

Stay warm!


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Nemo’s in the Garden!

We’re having a blizzard today!  We still have power which is a huge blessing. I’m not really awake yet, but here are a few photos while the power is still on.

The view from our front door yesterdayIMG_0586

and todayIMG_0593

Here’s Michael’s car and looking down the street.  I just read on facebook that two city snow plow trucks have caught on fire. We may be snowed in for awhile. The roads are all closed with a $500 fine if your found driving. I sure wouldn’t want to be stuck in a snowbank and then fined $500. IMG_0595

And of course here’s the garden, buried under drifting snow. The snow is wonderful insulation and is often called “nature’s fertilizer.” My perennials are always happy after a really snowy winter.IMG_0589

It’s still snowing quite hard and I’m not sure about the total accumulation yet. It’s hard to tell with all of the drifting.

The kids went outside since I took these photos. I’ll try to get some shots of them a little later. They are going to have a great day!

I’ll try to update after my coffee~