Who’s found Houzz?

I have and I think we’re in trouble here!

Houzz.com is kind of a gathering place for anyone and anything related to design, decorating and gardening. It probably extends beyond that but I’m completely overwhelmed and I’m too lost to explain further.

You can browse rooms;  both indoor and outdoor in any style or decorating interest area that you can think of.  You can also create your own idea board and look at thousands of others ideas, including designers everywhere. It looks like you can post photos of your project and ask for input from others. You can collect ideas and post them to your idea book, or to pinterest or to facebook or to your blog/website.

It’s madness!

I can easily share things that I find there, here.

Check out these photos of winter arrangements:

and fun garden markers

and beautiful rooms

You can then click on the photo and you’ll land right at the houzz page that I found it on.

Then you can create your own profile and idea board

and we can share, and discuss our projects and ideas

and I may never get another room vacuumed again.


This is so. much. fun!!!

Check it out and follow me and I’ll follow you!

and we’ll all eat take out tonight.



  1. Maureen Whitman says:

    Uh oh Michele…this sounds dangerous!


    1. your not kidding Maureen! Have you looked at it?


  2. OMG its like Pin Interest I cant get off that site most of time lol


    1. i know, I think this is actually a little more addictive than pinterest, beware and thanks for stopping by!


  3. Margaret says:

    I’ve wasted/enjoyed a lot of time on Houzz!


  4. hownottokillyourparents says:

    I’m sending an award your way 🙂


  5. PJ says:

    More addictive than Pinterest??? I’ll be careful venturing over there then because I already love Pinterest so much!


    1. I’m telling you PJ, I think it’s worse! Beware and have fun!!


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