The Cake Boss!!

Last night my oldest daughter and I enjoyed a fun evening at Buddy Valestro’s live holiday show in Lowell, Massachusetts.   Also known as the Cake Boss on TLC, Buddy was just as fun and engaging in person as he is on TV. He told lots of stories about his family and the bakery, decorated cakes for the holidays and really engaged the audience with chances to participate.  This was the first show on his tour so they were fine tuning some of the technical aspects and had some video difficulty.  Buddy just rolled with it as best he could and it added to the fun. I’m sure he’ll have all of that worked out asap!

Here are some photos, taken with Michael’s point and shoot camera… not perfect, but you’ll get a sense of our experience..

Buddy’s hands are always in motion, just like on tv…

His little boy, Buddy Junior was with him.  He zipped around the stage all night, what a cutie!!

Helping Dad answer a question.

The set (is that the correct word for the stage?) felt like we were right in Hoboken, NJ.

There was a big screen so that we could see the details and tons of audience participation… these kids were cute!

It was a great mother/daughter night out with my favorite baker.. If you enjoy baking and the Cake Boss show, go see Buddy if he’s in a city near you. You won’t be disappointed!



  1. nutsfortreasure says:

    I should have taken My Mom 😦


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