A Little Thanksgiving Garden Update

In the midst of the cooking and cleaning and prep I managed to get out to the garden this morning, and to take some photos, and to do a little blog post! Yay!!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. For me it’s about giving thanks, real, true thanks, from deep within. I love preparing the food and spending a quiet day with family and friends.

This morning I harvested the last of the carrots. When we grow carrots I always try to save some for Thanksgiving dinner. There were more there than I thought, we will enjoy these for a few weeks..
There’s still some mesclun… this is so resilient, it’s amazing…

And there’s still sage. I picked a nice handful for the turkey.

And rosemary and thyme… for the turkey, stuffing and dinner rolls..

And of course there’s still plenty of chickens… they look pretty happy that this isn’t their holiday,  ;

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Lots of love,  Michele



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! The carrots look large. Is it the angle of the camera or are they large? Every time I hear you talk about going out and getting your herbs for cooking I get jealous! Enjoy your dinner and time with your family!


    1. Some of them are really large, they weren’t uniform in size this year, I’m not sure why? I do love the herbs! Most of them are very, very easy to grow too. You might have them year round down there if you made a little herb garden 😉 hint, hint!


  2. Love seeing a New England garden and reading about your chicks. Ann from Dallas Garden Buzz


    1. thank you! I enjoy your Texas garden posts, so different from what we’re doing here! thanks for stopping by!


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