Plant Something!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, time to get out there!!

Will you be planting a field of vegetables

or some morning-glory seeds? They’ll climb right up any fence, post or pole!


Maybe you’ll create a beautiful island like this one that we visited last summer in the Boston Public Garden

or  hang a basket that you pick up at a garden center, easy and beautiful!

It can be anything that works for you, as long as you enjoy it!  What will you be planting this weekend?



  1. Susan Webber says:

    Apart from the inquisitive turkey in the lettuce patch, are your beloved flowers and vegetables at risk of being ravaged by other hungry critters? We have a serious deer problem in our area. You’d have to be a full time warden to grow any vegetables in our community, and many flowers are at risk also.


    1. yes, we have plenty of wildlife, especially for living “in the city”.. we have an occasional deer (not too many though), raccoons (Michael tries to trap and relocate them very quickly because they go after our chickens), squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes, we even trapped a fisher cat a few years ago.


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