A Mother-Son Red Twigged Dogwood Fence

Here’s that pile of twigs that’s been waiting for a project for the past few weeks. Last weekend my little guy and I decided to make a very simple fence out of them. Michael used to do this with apple tree suckers at our old house on Forrester Street. Those fences always looked so sweet and kept toddlers and babies out of the beds. These days we’re keeping soccer balls and teenager’s feet out of the beds. Very different, yet so similar. IMG_1344Michael showed us how to make the first loop.IMG_1346This isn’t the greatest photo of the tool we were using. We call it the “dandelion picker” because Michael uses it to get rid of the dandelions that pop up in our yard. That’s a whole post in itself 😉 . I’m not sure about the correct name for it, but it’s basically a long, straight rod that loosens soil so you can pull a weed out, a dandelion picker! We cut the twigs to equal lengths then poked a hole about two inches deep and put the twig in very securely.
IMG_1364 This guy loves projects and he’ll still do them with his mom.
IMG_1347We kind of estimated and used the ruler on the kneeling pad to space things evenly.IMG_1350

And there it is! Not perfect, it’s a bit uneven, but it does the job and I think it’s cute.IMG_1407And it was made with love.

Fences don’t get better than that!

Enjoy Everything!