The Quickest Peek Ever at the Culinary Institute of America

We were driving through New York state a few weeks ago and decided to stop and check out the CIA.  In my mind we were going to quickly view the campus and maybe get something to eat in one of their famous restaurants. We stopped in the admissions office to find out that we had hit the jackpot. It was an information session day for prospective students. Before we knew it we had watched the video, listened to the admissions officer describe all of the features of the school and we were on a guided tour. Some of us were still technically wearing pajamas (not me or the prospective student, thank goodness) but we just went with it.  I did manage to take a few quick photos as we looked around.
IMG_2622This fountain is in the center of the campus and looks down over the Hudson river. I think that’s the shadow of a chef on the left? I didn’t really see it until I was looking at this photo at home.

IMG_2627Here I’m looking up at Roth Hall which seems to be the main building on the campus. Several of the restaurants are located here, along with the majority of the classrooms. Needless to say, I loved the planters that held mixtures of vegetables and flowers.IMG_2629There were strawberries..IMG_2620and tomatoes

IMG_2631and eggplants mixed in. 
IMG_2639This is their Italian restaurant where reservations are required two months in advance. I would have loved to have seen the interior but it wasn’t part of the tour and I’ve learned to keep a low profile when school shopping with high school students.

IMG_2643Here’s the herb garden behind Caterina de Medici. We didn’t have time to walk down there. If we had, I would have spent an hour taking pictures and my family knew it so they dragged me back to the car ;).

IMG_2642 I did catch a glimpse of a student/chef harvesting herbs for dinner.

IMG_2636 This fountain/garden area is near the student rec center. The campus is beautiful!

IMG_2635 They hid parking garages so creatively. This is tucked under the fountain and  conveniently close to all of the restaurants.

IMG_2633 Of course we saw a sample dorm room and I had to take a photo in case we need it for future reference. This is my only interior shot as the school asked us not to take photos of the students.  I was quite careful but next time we visit I’ll be in blogger mode and there will be photos of restaurants, hallways and bookstores for sure!

photoIn the meantime we’ll just enjoy the view.

It was a fun, impromptu stop that certainly shortened our trip from the Poconos to Salem.

Enjoy your weekend! Hope your in the garden!