Ron Finley, Guerilla Gardener— This Is Awesome!

Every one of my guerilla and therapeutic gardening friends must watch this video! Ron Finley says “gardening is my graffiti” and “gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant thing you can do.” His goal is to improve health and society in South Central LA one unused space at a time.  I LOVE it!



  1. Wow, his talk brought tears to my eyes. What a visionary. Plant some shit!!! Love this.


  2. Reblogged this on The Garden Diaries and commented:
    Here is an update on my post on Guerilla Gardening a few weeks back. This video was filmed at TED which is a non-profit devoted to ideas worth spreading. Their mission is to spread ideas.


  3. Linda T says:

    Thanks for sharing this Claire! I love it! With an attitude like this he has got to be successful. Linda T


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