Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- August 2014

Happy Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day! We had a lot of rain the other day. It was nowhere near the thirteen inch amounts that were reported in areas to the south but it was a continuously driving rain all day. In anticipation of that I took these pictures on Tuesday because I wasn’t sure that there would be any blooms left after. We ended up doing okay in the rain. Everything got a good drink but we didn’t have too much destruction.

IMG_7016Last fall we scattered knockout roses across the front and side yards and while their very common, they have added a nice bit of color. I’ve been reading about rosa rosetta virus and worrying so I pruned all red canes and branches back to the ground a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure that mine have it and there’s not a lot you can do to stop it other than try to cut it out before the mites make their way to the roots. We’ll see what happens.
IMG_7019I like the way the reddish pink flowers look against the worn fence.

IMG_7013The scarlet runner bean is taking off. I enjoy this plant because it’s pretty while it grows and it produces beautiful purple beans at the end of the season. It’s just a great, easy vine for filling in tall, long spaces.
IMG_7015It’s starting to creep up the bird feeder pole. I should have provided strings or a trellis.

IMG_7009We have lots of lilies. These were all planted in the years before I would have saved the packaging and made note of varieties. I like this pretty pale pink..
IMG_7005Deep orange…I don’t think it’s a ditch lily? Betsey, what do you say?
IMG_7004And a beautiful deep red…
IMG_7002I planted a few varieties of zinnia this year. The only ones blooming as of today are “peppermint stick mix.” I’m a little disappointed in them. I expected big beautiful bunches but so far the few seeds that germinated have produced single, scattered flowers.IMG_7001 That does resemble a peppermint stick. It was pretty on the package but I’m not so sure now.

IMG_7000Volunteer sunflowers are scattered around.

IMG_6996And I’ve been enjoying these deep shaded coleus this year.

IMG_6999This is my favorite deck planter. It’s about three feet high.

IMG_7022The rose of sharon that my sister sent me in a manila envelope a few years ago is in bloom. I love these plants.

IMG_7012  Here’s the big picture… lots of blooms from last month are still raging out there!

Does your garden “rage” too?

I think I need to get back outside, lol.

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Love to you all,




  1. Thankfully I still have a lot of color too. We also had a lot of rain, no damage to the plants, but we had several medium sized branches come down. I have Knockout Roses and I really like the fact that they aren’t quite as finicky as regular roses. 🙂


    1. Have you heard about the rosa rosetta virus Judy? I just happened upon articles about it. You have it when clusters of red leaves appear on the ends of the branches. It’s not good. It looked like we had it so I cut every branch that might be infected way back to the ground. I don’t want it to spread to my old Harrington estate rose further down in the yard 😦


  2. Bailey says:

    Still lots of blooms going here. It’s been a good summer.


    1. Yay!!! Hope your enjoying them Bailey!!


  3. Betsey says:

    I don’t think your orange day lily is a “ditch lily” The petals look too wide…and the color is a bright orange, not the dull orange of the typical day lily which you id as ditch lily, and grows “wild” in ditches and places where old farms used to stand.
    I missed the canning of the summer raspberries into jam, but am expecting a bumper crop in the fall, mid to late September. I’ll let you know so you can come over and can with me. Still waiting for tomatoes to really produce….hope the mildew and wilt doesn’t claim them all 😦


    1. I would love to come can with you Betsey! Hope your tomatoes overcome everything! Did you see the tomato dirt post about ripening green tomatoes?


  4. Michele, you have so much blooming. We have had so much rain that the flowers are happy here but not the veggies. I was not able to grow scarlet runner beans this year and yours made me smile.


    1. Glad my scarlet runner beans made you smile, they have that effect on me too! Thanks for stopping in!!


  5. rusty duck says:

    I love your big picture shot. The rudbeckia really does make an impact. I’m in the process of developing my garden and with lots of new plants it’s still looking rather dotty. Oh for big swathes of colour!


    1. The rudbeckia does add a great pop of color. I enjoy that. I’m sure that once some of those new plants settle in your garden will look very full and colorful! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!


  6. lulu says:

    Your zinnia looks very much like a type of dahlia I bought today. As for my garden, all is about bloomed out, but if enjoy the textures and shades of green that are still there.


    1. That sounds like an interesting Dahlia Lulu! It looks like your seeing lots of sights along your route, I’ll bet there’s a garden or two tucked in there!


  7. Vasudha s says:

    Your Scarlett vine is a beauty really.


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