1. Thanks Judy! xo


  1. daseger says:

    Looks great, Michele—I am missing lots of things! I’m afraid that my garden was really whacked during this horrible winter, or everything is going to bloom really, really late!


    1. Hi Donna! I know, it was a rough winter! I just read your lovely “enchanted gardens” post a second ago… I have to tell you that I was in Marblehead this morning and I swear that their trees look snowier than ours do in Salem. Maybe it’s the few degrees warmer? If you see any perennials in my posts that you want let me know and I’ll drop a start off for you.


  2. Thank God for miracles!!! So glad your winter is finally over. What a tough one it was! Happy Spring (and lookin’ good)! Dana


    1. I’m so glad too! Happy Spring Dana!


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