They’re Here! Baby Chicks 2014!


What could be in this box?


Maddie thinks it sounds familiar


She’s heard this before…


Yay!! Two buff orpington, a cuckoo maran, a dark cochin, and one gold and one silver laced wyandotte…





Soon they were safe and sound in our new brooder.

We made it from a bunny cage for protection with a brown box inside, light above and towels for warmth. I think it’s going to work. I’ll keep you posted..


The chicks were hungry and thirsty…

IMG_4860IMG_4861IMG_4864IMG_4865IMG_4859and ready for a nap.

Actually I think we’re all ready for a nap.

More to come soon!




  1. Michele says:

    Congrats on the new chicks! I sort of miss my chickens (don’t miss the smell or them stealing my tomatoes). Hope they all stay happy and healthy!


    1. Thanks Michele! I’d definitely miss them too!


  2. Red Dust says:

    Some of my favorite Chickens. Ours are hatching on the 21st of this month. I love this time of year. Have fun with your chicks! Cuckoo Maran’s are the less friendly out of the bunch that I’ve raised. Our cochins and orphingtons will actually cuddle as chicks and pullets. When they start laying they stay friendly.


    1. The cuckoo maran is new to us, the chocolate colored egg sounded neat. I’d read that they weren’t too friendly. It’s funny because the baby we have is the sweetest little thing, very cuddly so far. I love the cochins and orphingtons, and I’ve been wanting a golden laced wyandotte forever so I’m looking forward to her as an adult. We spend lots of time handling ours as chicks, I think that makes for friendlier adults..


      1. Red Dust says:

        The Cockoo Marans are friendly babies but once they start breeding they get really stand-offish … our rooster is Cuckoo Marans and he well mannered, the perfect rooster. I’m hatching a bunch because they are great egg layers (not so much in the winter like cherry eggers). I butchered fifty roos, they grow quickly and produce a lot of meat on little feed and free-ranging. W sold around Cuckoo Marans 50 pullets last year. I met the coolest people that want backyard chickens. Wyndottes are one of the best egg layers through the winter I’ve had and so friendly! I found a small flock bonds with their handlers easier than 20 or more chicks. We have a brooder box in my laundry room. I’ll post pictures when my eggs hatch. The babies that I handled because they were sick bonded to me big time. It’s like they know you cared and helped them live. Even as grown hens the sick one’s that recovered are still very grateful. I grew up on a farm, all the animals I cared for through sickness bonded when cared for through illness. We had horses, pigs, calves, sheep, and goats. Growing up I experienced a really deep symbiotic relationship with our domestic livestock. We care for them and they care for us.

        I love sharing our garden and livestock posts here on WordPress. Totally makes my day!


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