catching up with witches

Check out this beautiful daylily named the Salem Witch. I’m not sure if the gardener/blogger (who specializes in day lilies) bred it or not, but I just inquired about it’s availability. I think that my garden would love this plant!

a north east ohio garden

you can’t catch up with witches, at least not if they are using broom power… however we know better than to try to compete on that level.  we are merely resuming the topic of pretty witch named daylilies.  this morning’s witch is Salem Witch, a lovely purple round flower.

salem witch det

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  1. I want one! Let me know about its availability!!


    1. I’m working on finding it Deborah. I’ll try to do a little update with a source tomorrow.


  2. dayphoto says:

    Most dayliles are orange/yellow/ or maybe a sort of pink…this is outstanding!



    1. I love them Linda, and I agree, this is really special.


  3. barbara parr says:

    I I love it. I’m also interested in the availability.. Your blogs are great
    Michele. Is there a knitting store in town? Maybe Alli would enjoy
    knitting. There could be a source out there to teach her?
    B J Parr


    1. Her big sister could teach her, she knows how to knit, or Gramma Bernie. Definitely not me, as we both know, lol! did this come up in a conversation?


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