Will This Be an Office?

When we’ve not been out in the garden, or at soccer games or dance rehearsals, we’ve been working a little bit on this project.  I’m using the word “we” rather loosely here since Michael does the work and I pretty much run interference with everyone else so he can work. But I do hand him things, hold things, consult about decisions and cheer him on. He doesn’t love this project but I think as it comes together he’s starting to enjoy it more. We’d both rather be outside in the garden.

We’ve always called it the “sunroom”… We used it as a three season playroom, which was wonderful when my kids were very small.  The exterior wall leaked quite badly a few (actually maybe four) years ago. Since then it’s been kind of a no man’s land. Michael tore out the middle section of the interior wall  because it was very damaged. Then he spent lots of time replacing the trim and some of the siding on the exterior. Last summer we added new windows on the sides and replaced the door.

He recently added insulation and new paneling, and the heater and outlets went in. My hope is that we’ll now be able to finish the trim and the floor and paint it. Our goal is to use it as an office. I have visions of counter space, storage space and work space. That’s a pretty big challenge given that it’s a walk through to the deck and it’s quite compact.

As you can see  we have some crazy windows and peaks and angles.

panning to the left

It’s a decorator’s nightmare but I am determined to make this into a beautiful, usable space.

Here’s the view

That’s the garden just to the right of the dogwood tree. I have to admit that I’ve flirted with the idea of taking down the tree so that we have a better view of the garden.

Since I’ve had time to think about it, I have ideas about what to do here… maybe some type of shades or window treatments that are all hung from the same height would bring the windows together? Maybe we’ll paint it all one color to decrease the chaos? What color will that be?  Blaire found a nice raised desk at Ikea for me awhile ago. I think I’d like to sit up high so I can look out easily.  It’s on my list for a little further down the road.

What do you think? Thoughts, ideas? Share them please!

and we were all wondering what I was going to blog about once garden season was over, lol!



  1. Blaire says:

    Maybe, once everything is primed, it will give you a better feel for ideas. There are so many “breaks” in color and window/wall, that it is hard to imagine. If you are thinking of leaving the walls natural; then if the trim was primed- it might help too.

    I don’t know if I mentioned it before; but I have always liked the high bookshelves with the rolling library ladders; (you may have pinned a room like that once)- maybe you could use the high space above the back windows for storage with Ikea or Container Store boxes that match your color scheme.

    I was thinking, maybe a glass shelf or two in the high window to the right of the back windows for starting seeds? or plants?- if that gets sun…or hang a plant there?

    Those industrial stools are everywhere now- I think Ikea may have them, but I know Ballard Designs does, and I saw two in TJMaxx on Highland in the spring. They are iron or steel with a wooden seat- some even have the “comfort/fanny formed” seats. They are sleek, strong and functional.

    What great fun! I can’t wait to see everyones’ ideas!


  2. It is hard to imagine in it’s current state, lol. We’re going to paint the whole thing, and I think maybe all one color? I hadn’t thought about storage above any of the windows, that’s a great idea, and do you mean a shelf above the back door? I never thought of that either. I wonder if we could find a plant hook or something that could be lowered down to water. If you see a “comfort” seat at TJ Maxx let me know, lol, I’m on it. Thank you for your comments Blaire!!!


  3. Susan Webber says:

    I love a room like this with lots of natural sunlight. I’d paint it all the same color, and if you hang curtains choose a print or stripe to expand the colors.


  4. Susan Webber says:

    If this is your main access to the deck, be careful that your special room doesn’t become a dumping ground for shoes, sweaters, or toys from outside! Keep it your special room.


    1. Hi Susan! I think we’re going to paint it white. The windows are white and I think that if we unify it, it will be much nicer. I’m looking forward to finding window treatments, I agree, color will be important with them. I’m hoping it doesn’t become a dumping ground. It’s never been used as an “entrance” to the house so I’m hoping it will stay that way, we’ll see!


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