Dino’s Day

Two weeks ago I posted about our newest addition.  I’m happy to report that he’s doing great. Here’s how he spends his day:

He likes the sunny spot on the couch in the playroom.IMG_0464


There’s an occasional stretch.IMG_0459

And then he’s right back to his nap…IMG_0463


When he needs something he’ll come up to the kitchen and yowl until we figure out what he’d like. We think he’s deaf and his vision seems to be pretty limited too. He’s gained at least a pound and the other pets have accepted him easily.

I think he’s happy here. It’s sure an honor to have him.


Our Newest Addition

Or perhaps I should call this post  “Our Little Old Man”…

Our neighbors on the next street found this guy trying to get into their house the other day.


My son was called to help (he’s well known for helping in these situations) and of course he responded, cat carrier in hand. He and his friends took him to our local shelter at 9:30 pm only to find that the shelter couldn’t take him because he’s too old to be adopted  as his estimated age is fifteen to eighteen years old. You can see how skinny he is… there is no fat on his body anywhere. We’re  sure that he either lived outside for awhile or was not cared for in the home he lived in. The shelter has record of a man trying to surrender a cat who matches his description over the weekend, so it’s likely that he was dumped in our neighborhood which is right around the corner.


The shelter set us up with everything that he needs and  did all of the necessary medical care and testing.  Now he’s living in my garage for the 7-10 day quarantine period.  I honestly didn’t think he’d live through it when he arrived. He was weak and tired and kind of disoriented. After twenty four hours of food and water he’s come back to life. Two days in he’s filling out and enjoying the jungle gym of stuff in the garage and all of the attention that he gets from seven people who dote on him whenever possible.


He’s extremely friendly and loving… I hope that he does well with the rest of our pets. When he arrived I thought that he might live for a few days, of course the jokes on me.   Dino (short for Dinosaur) might be with us for awhile..


Theres a healing factor here for us as well as for Dino. With all of the harshness in the world right now, it feels good to provide some humanity to this little old guy.

Enjoy Everything!