A Little Garden Giveaway–Take a Guess!

I’m sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of my giveaway… this getting back to school (and activities) is a tough business!

The winner is

Vera!  Congratulations Vera! And thanks to all who played. Yes, that is Michelle’s garden. It’s a large part of her initiative to decrease childhood obesity and to connect children with their food source.  I’ll  publish a separate post with more photos of the garden in the next few days. It goes without saying that I’m very happy that the garden’s benefits to children are being highlighted by the First Lady.

I thought it might be fun to try a giveaway so here we go!  The question is:

Who’s garden is this? 

Since lots of people are looking but no one’s guessing, here’s a hint, I would have looked at it through a large metal fence while on vacation this summer..

Leave your answer in the reply box just below. All correct guesses will be entered into a random drawing for a $10 Home Depot Gift Card! Now is the perfect time to look for a pot or two of perennials (on sale!) to plant and enjoy next year! You have until noon on Tuesday to enter, one entry per person please! The winner will be announced on Tuesday afternoon.

This is not sponsored by or affiliated with Home Depot in any way, it’s just a fun little contest! Please feel free to share widely with your friends!

Love,  Michele