Need a Smile? Here You Go!

There are so many interesting things to see in Salem and one of my favorites is this mural that was painted last May by artist Kenny Scharf.  It’s right across the street from the Visitor Center on the wall of the city’s downtown parking garage.  It’s fun and whimsical and it really brightens up that corner!DSC01875 Seriously, this guy has to make you smile…DSC01876Peek around the corner and there’s a whole gaggle of interesting characters.DSC01880 Don’t they all have different personalities?DSC01883 I could name each one if I had time.DSC01885 Amazing and fun!!DSC01888

Be sure to check out this cool video of the artist at work on Salem Patch.

Witches, ships and amazing art, we have it all!



Thank You All and Some First Photos

Thank you all so much for your kind words over the weekend. It was hard to loose Dino. We spent the weekend talking about our short time with him.  I really feel that things happen as their meant to. Sometimes situations come and go in ways that we never expect and  the outcomes can be amazing. I hope that our experience of taking care of Dino builds resilience and character in my kids. Michael and I feel that it’s important for them to experience all parts of life, not just the pleasant, easy ones.

The fun part of our weekend included a birthday for me. I’m not telling which one it was but there’s now one ending in “0” coming quickly.  Going into this birthday I really needed a new camera. My little point and shoot was so frustrating to use,  I could see the shot but the camera wasn’t capable of taking it. The people who love me pooled their resources and I’m now the owner of a very nice Canon Rebel DSLR.  Needless to say I have a lot to learn about how to use it but I thought I’d share my first  flower photos. This camera is so much fun!!

I’ll start with the bathroom clock. Doesn’t everyone test out their new camera by taking a picture of their bathroom clock?

Moving on, here’s a favorite print that my mom gave me a few years ago. This is hanging in our foyer. IMG_0146

And now– real flowers! Isn’t this sharp, clear and beautiful?IMG_0147

It’s not even set to macro, this is just the auto adjustment…IMG_0148 Puffy, white and perfect!IMG_0149 Good things are happening!


I’m going to watch a chapter of the dvd that came with the camera every day.  Then I’ll practice the skills that each chapter teaches. Then I’ll use the auto adjust button to take pictures.  Just kidding, I’m really going to learn how to use it!  😉

Spring is going to be fun here at the Salem Garden~

Thanks again and enjoy everything today!


A Little Bit of Ice Sculpture

I love, love, love ice sculpture and this weekend is the Salem So Sweets ice sculpture event. It was originally scheduled for last week but it was postponed due to the blizzard. It’s hard to believe that that was a week ago already. Where did the week go?

There are sixteen sculptures this year. I always think their amazing, so every year I lead a spirited tour around town to take a look. We just saw a portion of them today because my little guy was sick all week and this was his first venture out of the house. My little girl doesn’t share my love of ice sculpture and wanted to go to Target to buy a new toothbrush. I really did not want to go to Target. I could have stayed downtown all day. We forged on…

This pretty heart was outside of Rockafellas Restaurant. Rockafellas hosted the festival’s wine and chocolate party so it’s a very fitting decoration for their entry way. DSC01808

This guy was further down the street.DSC01810

The detail is amazing.DSC01814

Last year a head was stolen from one of the sculptures. What a cute play on that! DSC01821


The Taj Mahal graced the entrance to the  PEM (Peabody Essex Museum)… DSC01823

And this film projector outside of the Salem Cinema has a special story. A few months ago the Cinema announced that in order to remain open their projection system had to be upgraded to a digital format. The price tag for this was $60,000.  A fundraising campaign was organized and within twelve days the Cinema had reached its goal. Our community loves this theatre because the theatre loves our community.   DSC01890


I could have stayed all day, there were lots of other sculptures to see, but it just wasn’t our day. Maybe we’ll get back down there later in the week if the weather stays cold.

If you have kids of any age be sure to check out Happy Holligan’s colored ice post just below. What a fun thing to do with the kids when cabin fever sets in. I’m heading to my freezer to stock up on some colored ice. It’s school vacation week here, the perfect time to make some ice creations!

The ice won’t be here for long, garden days are coming!

Enjoy it while you can!