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  1. Could you send me an email at I have a personal comment regarding the Culinary Institute that may be of assistance to you but didn’t want to just post it.


  2. My Watering Can says:

    Congratulations! I have just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Here is a link to my post for you to accept the award:


  3. paula riley says:

    Im super intrested in lookkng into buyimg a few chickens. I am a free spirit I have two dogs a cat and a mini pig never mind two teenages I would love very much tk prepare and set up for chickens and make sure they are very happy and loved. Please get back to me and let me know what you think. Im willing to build a pen or anything else i need to do. Please feel free to call me anytime 7812842601 thanks fornyour time Paula Riley


    1. HI Paula There’s lots of information about chicken raising in my posts from the past month and some other chicken posts over the past few years. If you put the word chicken in the search tool in the right hand margin they should all come up. I’m pretty sure that you can buy pullets (grown young chickens) at Agway in Danvers. They have everything that you need to get started too, even ready made coops if you have the cash to spend. Let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear!! Michele


  4. Joe D says:

    Hey Michelle. Drop me a email, I’d love to catch up


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