Glowing White Garden

Last night after our lovely Mother’s Day dinner in the garden, our first this year, we played a little bit of soccer. I’m an absolutely wonderful player and I really think that the reason my team won was because of the way I screamed and covered my head every time the ball came toward me. I’m a little sore today because I played so hard and so well!

While we were out there I was struck by the amount of white in the garden. Usually by Mother’s Day the crabapple trees are blooming but this year we’re several weeks behind so I spent a good part of the day missing the beautiful shades of pink that I typically enjoy while I work outside on Mother’s Day. As it got a little darker last night the white started to glow and I was completely caught up in how special it was.
IMG_5581I tried to take photos last night but it got dark very quickly so my photos had kind of an evil look like this

IMG_5553and this.

I tend to live in the light so this morning I went back out hoping to capture some of the glow.









IMG_5629The white garden of this week really is beautiful in it’s own way.

IMG_5631I hope that you won your game too and had a great Mother’s Day!

Love, Michele