Fireworks Prep at Salem Maritime NHS, and a Wonderful Garden, of Course

Every year The Salem Garden receives hundreds of hits in the days around the Fourth of July. I don’t really blog with traffic in mind but this is something that I should try to figure out. I usually do a post about the very popular Salem Willows parade so maybe that’s part of it. I’m sorry to say that we didn’t get down to the Willows this year but I’ll watch for other local blogs’ parade photos and share links here if I see them.

While I missed the parade, I did pop down to the Salem Maritime National Historic Site to check out preparations for tonight’s festivities, which will be absolutely grand! We have a beautiful fireworks display that’s accompanied by a live orchestra (or is the orchestra accompanied by the fireworks)? Either way it’s a great way to celebrate the fourth!


The Stage is Set!


The Friendship is ready to be the centerpiece.


The ladies’ chairs are all arranged for viewing at the Brookhouse.


The eagle on the Custom House is shiny and  accented by bunting and flags. I did look around for more information about that lower flag but I couldn’t find anything. Today is not a good day to call my husband and ask him about it. He’s a bit busy.


The Hawkes house is decorated.


And very importantly, the Derby Garden is just beautiful today. It sits quietly behind the Derby house,a few feet away from all of the action. If your down on Derby Street be sure to check out the garden. It’s really special.





Just a quick peek but you get the idea. Our beautiful July gardens are really the best part of the fourth!


This was taken today at 11am. Viewing space is going fast! Claim your territory soon!

Happy Fourth!

Love, Michele



  1. Dawn says:

    Happy Independence Day, Michele!! What a gorgeous place for a celebration! I would really love to visit the Salem Maritime NHS one day. There is so much history all around you! The gardens are so lovely, too! Have a great weekend! ♡


    1. Hi Dawn! Happy Independence Day to you too! You really should come visit. SAMA is a very interesting historic site. We are blessed to have so much history here in Salem. Let me know if your plan a trip here!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dawn says:

        Thanks so much, Michele! Salem has always been on my Wish List of places to visit in New England! ♡


  2. commonweeder says:

    Michelle – those gardens look beautiful. Our Fourth celebration was about family celebrations this year with a bbq for 2 grandsons leaving for college in the fall – and birthdays. Lots of July babies in our family. Once we are settled in our ‘new’ smaller house, with a new smaller garden we are hoping to have more time to travel to places like Salem with all its attractions.


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