It’s My Blog and I Can Ask You to Vote for Holly’s Cake if I Want to…

Cakes for Occasions's photo.

so I will!

I know I’m way far away from gardening at the moment, but I’m not far away from creativity, passion and spirit!

My oldest daughter Holly decorated this cake to represent Salem High School in the Cakes for Occasions Cake Wars event on Sunday morning. Cakes for Occasions is a bakery in Danvers, Massachusetts that specializes in absolutely delicious nut and peanut free cakes and pastries.

Holly really put her all in to the design and decoration of this cake because that’s the way she does things like this, and she wants to win cupcakes for her classes’ prom.

Now it’s time to vote and we need your help!

To vote, click on this link 

on facebook, like her cake and share with your friends so they can like and share too!

I just know she can do it!

Please share my post widely, re-blog, like, share on facebook, tweet… whatever social media your into!

Thank you all so, so much for your help!
Cakes for Occasions's photo.




  1. Liked and shared. 🙂 Please tell her from this blogger who took many cake decorating classes, that her cake is beautiful and I hope she is proud of it. And, Michelle, it’s always nice to have a pastry chef in the family because it makes for beautiful and delicious eating. 🙂


    1. It does make for beautiful and delicious eating Judy, although sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all those calories! Thanks for liking and sharing!


  2. Awesome job! I voted. hope it wasn’t too late. I’m always amazed at people who can do that. She did a great job.


  3. Thanks for voting! No, definitely not too late!


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